Manifesto Implementation

38% Campaign Manifesto Fulfilled in Two Years, Says NRM during this Manifesto Week

By Peter Banya

The National Chairman of the ruling NRM government Museveni was sworn in for 6th term in office on May 12th 2016 from Kololo Independence Grounds.

On top of his/NRM election manifesto, the National Chairman of the ruling NRM government Museveni a month later in June 2016 declared what he termed as Hakuna Muchezo; giving all ministers strict targets, akin to the administration panache of celebrated Asian Tigers including Singapore, Kongkong, South Korea and Taiwan.

Two years later, NRM has confidently declared that more than one third of the campaign promises have been fulfilled and the government is optimistic that all the manifesto plans are going to be completed in the remaining 3 years.

Overall, our assessment of the implementation of the Manifesto commitments to date stands at 38.2 percent. Our projections are that the momentum of implementation is going to double, such that by the end of the next two years, we shall be well over 80 percent. By the end of the fifth year, we should have covered all the targets,” Prime Minister, Ruhakana Rugunda told press at Uganda Media Centre on Friday.

Uganda economy grew by 6.4 percent in 2017, above the Sub Saharan African average growth of 2.4 percent, and the latest Harvard University research projects that the country’s economic growth will be the second highest in the world after India.

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