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Ambassador Katende Challenges Bobi Wine To Resign His Parliamentary Seat

By Washaki Ahamada

This took place last evening during a VOA Straight Talk Africa show hosted by the Ugandan opposition-leaning host, Shaka Sali. The topic of the day was to prove Bobi Wine’s, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, torture allegations. The show commenced well with ambassador Sebujja Mull Katende narrating the facts of the Arua violence, where members of an illegal opposition procession   incited by their leaders stoned the luggage carrier car in the motorcade of NRM National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, when he was being driven to the airfield to board a waiting chopper.

As usual, Bobi Wine under estimated the standard of discussion on an international medium when he played the usual opposition card of lies and malice against Government saying he was tortured, there’s no democracy in Uganda and was claiming to represent millions of Ugandans.

Ambassador Katende replied by proving to Bobi Wine that what he alleged as torture can’t be proved without investigations and that Uganda is a democratic country that’s why Bobi Wine was elected MP Kyaddondo East (last year).

The ambassador went on to remind all that Uganda has strong institutions that’s why the MP he was granted bail by Uganda’s courts of law.

The ambassador refuted allegations that Bobi Wine represents millions because he only represents his constituency.

The ambassador formally put it to the show that it’s President Museveni with the mandate of representing millions of Ugandans because he won with a resounding majority of over 60% of the total vote in 2016.


Ambassador Katende went on to assure the world that Uganda is a stable country and it’s those in the opposition who, after failing to convince the majority voters to access power, have resorted to violence, only subject to Government containment.

Bobi Wine, after failing to match the standard of debate, resorted to insulting the ambassador, calling him a “fool”.

Ambassador Katende, being a diplomat, responded with dignity knowing the background of Bobi Wine and dully forgave him. Lastly, Katende concluded by his fellow guest to be a law- abiding citizen and who, if he wants power, to follow democratic procedures laid down by the Ugandan Constitution.

It should be recalled that Bobi Wine sought to go abroad for medication on allegations that he was too ill but he has been trotting to international media houses yelling lies about Uganda and trying to seek financial support to fund violent riots with an aim of destabilizing the prevailing peace in Uganda a plan Government has contained hence Uganda remaining peaceful.

The world is waiting to see how willing the MP is to sacrifice his seat to strengthen his contradictory arguments, as challenged by the career diplomat Katende.

Communications Department,
Office of National Chairman NRM,
Kyambogo, Kampala.

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