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Bobi Wine betrays mental confusion as he attacks NRM National Chairman Museveni on social media use

The soon-to-be former Kyaddondo East MP and former presidential aspirant, Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Bobi Wine) is at it once again, scavenging on the limelight of the NRM National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, and while doing so, he has betrayed the state of confusion that he is trapped in.

In a post on Facebook yesterday, Wine stated: “Gen. Museveni imposes a tax on social media saying that social media is used for gossiping and rumour mongering. The same Gen. Museveni uses social media every day to post about his cows, communicate his programs and tell more lies…”

In Bobi Wine’s hallowed view, Jajja Museveni contradicts himself whenever he uses social media on which Government introduced a tax sometime back. Now, this is the state of psychological bankruptcy and mental intoxication that we usually talk about which is causing problems for Africa. Bobi Wine is an embodiment of this malaise.

Here is the substance! By backing the levying of social media tax, Gen. Museveni did not intend to stop anyone from using virtual platforms. Rather, he sought to encourage Bazzukulu to use the platforms more responsibly and productively- to connect to opportunities and seek knowledge that could improve their lives. The Bobi Wines opposed the tax because for them they wanted to be loved and have huge fan bases.

As we talk, they have followers whose only idea of using social media is to insult and threaten anybody who does not agree with their views or support the same people they support. They are a mob out to exact vengeance, wasting precious MBs unproductively. They have established a terrifying “social media dictatorship” nobody could have ever imagined probable.

On his part, Jajja Museveni uses “social media everyday to post about his cows and communicate his programs” because that is what the platforms should be used for. Museveni is a farmer. He teaches Bazzukulu and other inspired Ugandans how to rear cattle and become rich. Farming is his true vocation, national leadership being a service that helps create a safe environment for everyone to become productive. There is no contradiction whatsoever! “Communicating programs” is even better since he uses the platforms for work and to keep in touch with audiences that need to hear from him and he from them.

The flip side is on Bobi Wine who prides in having fans to “worship” him with no benefit for themselves. They have now become a liability to his prospects in leadership as the general population is being alienated by their intolerance and arrogance. If Bobi Wine used the platforms to post about “his cows and communicate programs”, his fans would have less space for nonissues and obscenity.

About the “lies”; the Bobi Wines think that only their side has a license to truth. How telling of a group that claims to respect and demand for freedom of speech!

By regulating social media use, Government helps to discourage dissemination of falsehoods. When someone disseminates lies, the way to address that is to respond to them with facts. It is not a matter of saying “That is a lie”.

NRM National Chairman Museveni never tells lies. It takes a special kind of mental intoxication to tell lies in public forums where one can be challenged there and then. Bobi Wine and group are the known liars considering how they perceive social media as a dumping ground of fabrications where if you are challenged you abuse and intimidate everyone, and then quickly claim moral high ground while plugging the ears to avoid being corrected.

Clearly, Bobi Wine needs help before he confuses himself beyond redemption and takes with him a base of innocent Bazzukulu.

And, by the way, does the outgoing Kyaddondo East MP pay OTT or doesn’t he pay (as he appears to claim)? Wait for the controversy in this!


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