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Bobi Wine Is A Front To Snatch Power From Ugandans

By Milly B Babalanda

Following a week of heightened tension and protests in parts of Kampala and a few other urban areas like Jinja and Mityana under the guise of piling pressure for the release of incarcerated Members of Parliament including Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), a host of questions remain unanswered.

These protests, who is funding them since the people they are ostensibly intended to “free” are in detention? And, “free them” then what next? We know Bobi Wine to be from a DP family but he doesn’t belong to a recognizable organized group that could bankroll these activities. Here, we can deduct that there is a third entity at play. Whoever these financiers are, they are working with or using the MP as a conduit; their interest is beyond the politics of the day- it has to do with our national resources and strategic regional positioning with President Yoweri Museveni at the helm.

Why are people so agitated to the extent that protests have been held in Kenya, United Kingdom, Canada and other faraway places? What’s their aim? When did they get interested in Ugandan affairs and why?

On two occasions, a contingent of diplomats went to Makindye to see the detained MP. Why go as a group and how did they get to mobilize their visit so fast? Have they visited the President to hear his side of the story; how familiar are they with what happened on the ground?

Apart from Mufti Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje who condemned the hit on the Presidential convoy, most of the other clergy is one-sided. So, there is a plan, co-ordinated on many fronts from abroad and which was supposed to be set in motion in Arua. Thus far, the state was correct and efficient in taking action. The same plan has been attempted in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, but the authorities put their foot down firmly.

My daughter, Barbie, the wife of the MP organized prayers for her husband saying he had requested for the same, a very welcome inspiration which should have been the first resort in his politics. God should never be a last resort in difficult times. But why were the prayers held at Rubaga and not in the constituency he represents? Is Rubaga in Kyaddondo East?

From the signs we see, the campaign around the arrest and prosecution of Kyagulanyi and others in his group goes beyond what most people think. Others are in it for the excitement but they don’t know that they are being prepared as collateral for something they would never live to tell. Uganda can become like Libya, Iraq and Egypt which were promised “democracy” and “transformation” in the hands of new leadership but today nobody knows who their leaders are and the countries have been inhabitable since (with the exception of Egypt which has established strong leadership following Marshal Al-Sisi’s decisive drive to return the country to its people). The stooges they instill usually don’t last and I bet in Uganda their planted puppets wouldn’t last a week because Ugandans are mature and can see a bad deal early. That’s why they tolerate and celebrate President Museveni; he is theirs, homegrown and authentic.

The fiery Arab Spring is a fresh example of how Western intervention in affairs of developing countries is a kiss of death on their progress. Democracy is not donated or imposed! It’s the same enemy working and knocking at Uganda’s door.

The plan is clever and elaborate; they use soft power through propagation of alien cultures and habits, using celebrities whom they induct in secret societies at the cost of other people’s souls. They provoke situations! They engage in alarming rituals of the occult evident in the recent cases of women murdered in a familiar pattern that could hardly be explained as isolated crime. Another sign to look at is how easily life has been lost in consecutive elections-Bugiri and Arua.

Why, suddenly, have our elections become tainted with blood? This has not been the case. If for every MP elected a life (or more) is lost, how many people would those be and would we be in democracy or at war?

There is a new force at play and it is very, very ruthless. From introducing violence in high places such as Parliament to penetrating the minds of young people through music and film, dress and fashion, games and electronic media, they aim to overturn the normal to set up an unaccountable system that will completely take away power from the people. There will be no democracy to talk of; no right to choose, no tolerance as exercised by majority of Ugandans who are NRM. If our NRM people came out to take on the anarchists, they (anarchists) wouldn’t win but it would be too tragic a showdown and we would miss them.

My personal appeal, for as long as I live, will be to urge, especially young people, to always be on the lookout; to be wise, respectful and to avoid spontaneous situations of contention and provocation. It is better to be safe and follow appropriate channels to exercise one’s rights and express grievances.

The author is a Personal Assistant to the National Chairman, NRM, and Senior Presidential Advisor

Can be contacted on 0772316632

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