Bobi Wine should not put Court on pressure

Former presidential candidate and outgoing Kyaddondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, is putting the Supreme Court on pressure with a view to extract a favourable ruling for petition challenging the outcome of the Presidential election where he lost to NRM Flagbearer, President Yoweri Museveni.

Apart from talking ill of the Court, he wants at least three judges to step down from hearing the case. He raises uncertain claims to back his demand.

This is another move by the losing presidential candidate to undermine a system he agreed to subject himself to as it was when he tried to pressure the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to waive applicable regulations in his favour during campaigns.

If he was not sure that justice would be served him, he should not have petitioned court but since he decided to take the route, he should stop trying to intimidate and manipulate the bench. All its members have served with distinction to earn their positions and can ably serve the needs of justice. Bobi Wine’s petition is not the only case they have handled; why didn’t he complain before?

If his legal team failed to prepare well enough for the hearing he should have conceded defeat and gone back to music or find something else to do. Bobi Wine would be a very bad leader who would manipulate institutions and clamp down hard on their officers if he had more power.

The state is urged to increase security cover for the judges hearing the petition. Their lives are in danger!

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