Bobi Wine’s reasoning on army’s role in his loss is childish

Losing former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has lied to a group of supporters from Mukono who visited him at his home in Magere that if it were not for the army, he would have defeated the NRM Winning Presidential Candidate, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, in the elections.

Bobi Wine’s reasoning is childish. The army’s (and other security organs’) role in the elections was limited to ensuring stability, and law and order to ensure that Ugandans exercised their right to choose their leaders. And they excelled in that duty. Did he expect them to abdicate that role? What sort of leader reasons at that level?

The Bobi group and allies had planned to fail the elections but were thwarted in their plans which were intended to snatch power illegally; they lost the dirty plot and lost the elections, too. That is why he is sulking. His “supporters” are laughing at him and looking at him like a big joker. The NUP leader should find better excuses to lie with.

More so, security personnel are Ugandans. They have a right to vote and if they voted Gen. Museveni, it was their choice which nobody can take away.


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