Covid-19 will work on Bobi Wine

Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) who was recently granted bail by court after being booked on charges of flouting anti-Covid-19 guidelines continues to act dangerously. If he doesn’t abide by court’s directives on which his bail is conditioned on top of the existing guidelines of scientists, he has little chance of surviving the merciless disease which is snatching Ugandans day by day.

Kyagulanyi is frail. At his alleged age of 38, his physical state looks little able to withstand a hit in case he caught the virus. For the few days he was in the cells, he emerged looking like someone who had spent months in a dungeon. His weak frame is fertile for the virus which flourishes well in an environment where the immune system or physical frame is compromised. Bobi Wine believes himself to be so much of a youth but that means nothing epidemiologically

Interestingly, when Kyagulanyi was in court and given chance to address himself to the charges before court, he went into theatricals, diverting to political rhetorics and attacking NRM National Chairman and 2021 winning Presidential candidate, Gen. Yoweri Museveni. Completely irrelevant! The case had nothing to do with politics.

If Kyagulanyi is does not stop regarding serious matters jokingly he will become a matter to his own whims. Covid-19 will work on him.

Unfortunately, when someone picks the virus, the risk of introducing it into the family and to close relations is very high yet they would have kept themselves safe at home. Let us be serious for their sake!

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