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Don’t fear the race for president, cowardly aspirants told

Members of the NRM have urged rival Presidential aspirants not to shy away from the race at the last hour.

This followed reports coming in indicating that an unnamed aspirant plans to go into hiding during presidential nominations and later blame security for “kidnapping” him.

“The intention is to cause unrest in the country,” source said, according to Softpower news website.

Immunised Ugandans have already sensed the tendencies of a certain aspirant and urged him not to develop cold feet.

“This is Museveni’s Uganda where democracy is at play. Stay in the race and lose honourably!” the NRM members said in a brief message to this website. “NRM is ready to give him a technical knockout”

Investigations into the crafty plans of the aspirant are ongoing. Nominations started today with the NRM Flagbearer and favourite candidate of Ugandans, Gen. Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni, being the first to be nominated.

The exercise, expected to attract ten contenders, the highest number ever, closes tomorrow.

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