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From: the Personal Assistant to the NRM National Chairman

18th January 2020


From: the Personal Assistant to the NRM National Chairman

Special Greetings of the New Year from the NRM National Chairman and Head of State!

This is to appreciate the voluntary and patriotic spirit you continue to exhibit in the service of your country.

Nonetheless, the Office of the NRM National Chairman continues to get reports of issues regarding your roles and responsibilities which require our urgent clarification:

I have accordingly been directed by the NRM National Chairman and Head of State to guide you on your roles as below:

  • WEALTH AMBASSADORS ARE MOBILISERS: You promote the National Chairman’s initiatives e.g. Household Wealth creation in your areas of jurisdiction and corruption fight.
  • WEALTH AMBASSADORS ARE CHANGE AGENTS: You are required to change attitudes of the citizens towards positive developmental outcomes and to facilitate a drive for patriotic and nationalistic thinking.
  • WEALTH AMBASSADORS ARE ‘FOOT SOLDIERS’ ON GROUND FOR THE NRM PARTY: You are required to mobilize support for the NRM party and for the NRM National Chairman.
  • WEALTH AMBASSADORS ARE PUBLIC EDUCATORS: You are required to use the radio and other media to educate the public on a range of social, economic and political subjects including educating the masses on the values of good and patriotic citizenry.
  • WEALTH AMBASSADORS ARE GOVERNMENT INFORMERS: You are required to provide regular feedback on issues concerning performance of public services delivery which require government interventions.
  • WEALTH AMBASSADORS ARE SECURITY AIDES: You are required to be vigilant in security matters and to identify security gaps for the attention of the Police and the ISO.
  • WEALTH AMBASSADORS ARE ELECTORAL FACILITATORS: as stipulated in article 1 of the 1995 Constitution that power belongs to the people. You are required to mobilize the people in their roles in the Electoral process.

Overall, a Wealth Ambassador should desist from engaging with divisive politics which is poisonous to the party.

You are also reminded to introduce yourself to the CEC Members, RDCs, DISOs, District and Sub-County NRM Chairperson, the Administrative Secretary and NRM Registrar in your respective District for the purpose of team building and guidance.

You should also be informed that in a bid to improve our coordination; we have sub-divided the sub-regions into zones under 12 regions. A list of the coordinators will be published on our website in the first week of February 2020.

IN CONCLUSION, I wish to introduce Ms. Ritah Namuwenge (0785409756) who is deployed as Coordinator of the Wealth Ambassadors’ desk. She will be deputized by Mr. Gonzaga Basulira on 0777-102-420.

These two will be supervised by the Office Administrator – Mr. Kirunda Faruk (0752-980-486/0776-980-486).

I take the opportunity to thank you very much for the excellent effort you have put in and I look forward to meeting you soon during my countrywide tour of the Ambassadors. I do hope to find you at your respective stations.


Senior Presidential Advisor-Political/

Personal Assistant to the NRM National Chairman and Head of State

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