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Hooliganism at Bulenga, Mpambire Proves What Sparked Off Arua Showdown

By William Mubiru

Baganda have a saying that Enkima gyekoma okwewanika waggulu, gyekoma okwolesa obwereere bwaayo, literally meaning the higher a monkey climbs a tree, the more it exposes its nudity.

At first I was very sympathetic to the victims of the Arua fracas but following what has been happening since then, I think people who were not at the scene should start reconsidering all what they said and retract some statements.

I will focus on what happened immediately after it was announced that Muhammad Kirumira had been shot and killed. Canary Mugume, an NBS TV journalist on his Facebook page said that goons pelted stones at police at the scene of murder.

Again what happened yesterday during Kirumira’s burial is so disheartening. General J J Odong and police spokesman, Emilian Kayima, were blocked from the function and the latter was forced to literally flee for dear life.

Pelting stones at government officials, police (security personnel) and outburst of “people power” sloganeering even at lumbe (death vigils) only confirms what triggered the Arua fracas on 13-08-2018 (when a vehicle in President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy was stoned, attracting the arrest of those involved).

If this hooliganism doesn’t stop, I am worried this country is headed for more troubles. What is more disturbing is that leaders of these activists (goons) don’t come out to condemn their evil acts at all.

Yesterday, I saw some supposed to be honourable persons authoritatively and unnecessarily saying provocative words during Kirumira’s burial ceremony at Mpambire. It’s very unfortunate a funeral was turned into a political rally.

Guys, just expose more of your nudity! The world is watching. Keep on insulting, abusing and provoking. At the end of the day, everyone will know what exactly you are, including your current sympathisers.


(Via U.A.H community)

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