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How National Chairman Laid Bare Opposition fake news on Bobi Wine

By Atuhairwe Robert

Following the lightening arrest of several Members of Parliament and scores of their supporters suspected to have taken part in a botched attack on the convoy of NRM National Chairman, President YoweriMuseveni, in Arua, an opposition-powered propaganda machine went into high gear with all manner of claims on the physical state of the detainees.

Among such claims was that Kyaddondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine had been so badly battered and was in a vegetative state. They described the “vegetative” state so graphically that fast-footed fanatics lost their cool and begun to riot. At some point, in conjunction with anonymous social media extremists, it was claimed that Kyagulanyiand Francis Zaake of Mityana Municipalitywere dead and that there was fear within state circles to announce the bad news to the public fearing a mass insurrection.

A section of opposition politicians who were among the first to have access to Kyagulanyi in detention sustained the spin.

The National Chairman Museveni, informed and authoritatively authentic as always, came out to allay the fears of his bazzukulu (grandchildren), aware of an insidious plan to use them at their eternal cost by deceptive groups. Unfortunately, some had already believed fast- footed lies and engaged in clashes with security as in Mityana. But the majority understood where the big man was coming from. A committee of Parliament assigned to ascertain facts on the ground and report to the House was later to confirm Museveni’s accurate assessment of the state of Kyagulanyi while Zaake’s condition had been aggravated by an attempt at getting away from custody in the hands of non-medical personnel.

Doubting Thomases under the influence of the devil continued with their narrative; even when Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, met the MP in his cell and first images became available to the public, satanic pessimists continued with their tale, this time claiming that the images were photo shopped and electronically-generated.

Lies never see their first birthday and Congolese superstar, KoffiOlomide, says in one of his songs Loi,”Lokuta eyakana ascenseur, kasi vérité eyeina escalier mpe ekomi” (Lies take the elevator, truth takes the stairs but arrives faster).Come Thursday (August 23) and Kyagulanyi was produced in court in one piece, albeit with some difficulty in walking but without the grand injuries and swellings as claimed by “friends” and at some point even members of his family. Certainly he was not dead!

Isn’t it amazing that those who call themselves well-wishers of someone are the ones who wanted him dead while those perceived to hate him wanted him alive? How callous can people get? I firmly believe that among soothsayers there are some capable of harming detainees in a big to create a crisis. These things have a link to other killings we have been grappling with in recent times and other activities intended to wear down the country.

It’s not so much of a surprise because these people have always told lies without shame but walking in public with their heads high. What would happen if (God forbid) they got to power?

A Ugandan based in America wrote in saying: “Uganda will go to the dogs if Kaguta leaves power. They have always been circulating lies about their own hero’s condition and completely disputing the truth as shameful. Opposition MPs have been going there to see but still deciding to come feed us lies contrary to what they have seen…. and you expect such fellas to come fight corruption and never to steal from our country?”

How far would our country be if the mental strength and fortitude they put in these things would be channeled into mobilizing the youths for production and income-generation? Where are our priorities as a people? How does a leader, paid by the tax payer, spew lies and business is normal?

Evidently, while contentions on the state of the Uganda will never end, that key players resort to “official” lies to advance their cause is a potent curse that should be exorcised assertively. Religious leaders, please pray for these people and remind them of the Ten Commandments and other sanctions found in holy books!

For now, the NRM National Chairman has been borne out by time and the record will remain for posterity.

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