It is a shame for Bobi Wine to capitalise on Tamale Mirundi’s illness

Following the indisposition of popular public affairs discussant and Presidential Adviser, Mr. Joseph Tamale Mirundi, many people have come up to express sympathy and others to capitalize on the patient’s condition for political capital. Among the latter was Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

While visiting Tamale at Kisubi Hospital with media cameras in tow, Bobi Wine attacked the government and the NRM National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, claiming that they had abandoned Tamale. That was a cheap and unfortunate comment to make over the frail state of a man who has worked hard for himself and the system.

It is President Museveni who made Tamale who he is and appointed him to positions where his unique mass mobilization and vocal skills came to the fore. Before, he had been indebted and unknown, at one time going behind bars due to unpaid employer bills.

Tamale himself knows that President Museveni is always there for him; that is why he works with him to expose dirty players and political opportunists. Bobi Wine was trying to endear himself to Tamale. Unfortunately, the now recuperating media expert has spoken out and stated that he can meet his bills because he is rich. The choice of hospital was up to Tamale- and his family- being a strong catholic family.

Moreover, the Government had already reached out to him through various officials including the NRM Secretary-General, Ms. Kasule Lumumba. In African culture, it is a big shame and uncouth to help someone or show sympathy and blow one’s own trumpet.

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