Kabuleta should file evidence of “choppers flying out with natural resources” from Karamoja

Presidential candidate, Joseph Kabuleta, claims that there are choppers flying out of Karamoja “so often carrying gold and marble; national resources which your family has personalized. Those are the facts that matter”. Kabuleta targeted his claim at NRM National Chairman and 2021 winning Presidential candidate, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Fearing his imminent resounding loss in the elections, Kabuleta, like others, is floating harebrained claims to try and raise his profile and may be, somehow, gain some mileage off Museveni’s name. But his claim is too lame, too late. It won’t serve him any purpose other than bringing shame upon himself yet he would use the race to learn how serious leaders behave and talk.

For example, if Kabuleta has evidence of such dubious and serious acts going on, why doesn’t he follow the trail and table incontrovertible evidence in the form of photos, video clips, etc? Better still, why doesn’t he file a case in courts of law to get the culprits acted upon?

How can someone aspiring to be a national leader at the level of President engage in rumourmongering, moreover, a former journalist? Isn’t it a tragedy?

Good enough, Ugandans see the joke that Museveni’s opponents are and will do the needful when it matters most. For now, they are enjoying a good dose of comedy, which is good to relieve them from boredom and anxiety when the world is hard on them.

Kabuleta should be serious because concerned Ugandans can act on his own revelations to cause him to be summoned as an accomplice in the crimes that he alleges are being committed with his knowledge.

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