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Kanye West And Kim Link Trump And Museveni

The much reported about visit to Uganda of American entertainment stars, Kanye West (Ye) and his celebrity wife, Kim Kardashian, has created a new bridge in the relations between US President Donald Trump and our own National Chairman of the NRM, President Yoweri Museveni.

Just days before their arrival in the Pearl of Africa to enjoy nature at its best, shoot videos and meet with President Museveni, West, one of the richest and most celebrated entertainers in the US, had met with President Trump, a mutual buddy, for a lunch date in the oval office. During the date, the star with a net worth of $152 million, raised the heat while telling all and sundry of his faith in Trump and rallying Americans to stand up for him in the upcoming midterm elections.

Only about three days later, the couple emerged in Uganda and on to a meeting with National Chairman Museveni whom they gifted with a brand new pair of Yeezy trainers. The first pair had gone to Trump.

Sources say Kanye informed Trump of his impending visit to Uganda which the American President “approved”. Trump’s own visit is awaited.

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