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Museveni Calls Upon Youth To Acquire Skills To Address Import

President Yoweri Museveni the NRM National Chairman has called on the youth to acquire skills that will help Uganda stop importing things that can be made locally.

The National Chairman Museveni, who was accompanied by the Minister for Kampala City Authority, Hon. Betty Kamya, that of Security, Gen. Elly Tumwiine, of State for Micro-Finance, Hon. Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo, of State for Primary Education, Hon. Rosemary Seninde and State House Comptroller, Mrs. Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, made the remarks today at Busega Agali Awamu Furniture Makers SACCO grounds in Kampala where he concluded the day’s tour of the different SACCOs in Kampala and Entebbe areas that are supported by State House to empower the youth.

The President said that basing on the figures from the Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda is a rich country.

“Ugandans spend over Shs.18,000 billion annually importing all sorts of things and later on cry for jobs yet they are giving away jobs to the people in the countries they are importing from,” he said.

Using the example of animal products, the President said that Ugandans sell hides and skins to other countries, which improve those exports and later on Ugandans buy expensive products such as chairs and shoes made from those countries and yet they gave away the hides in the first place.

“When you buy chairs from China, you give money and jobs to the Chinese. We want to stop importing and make all those things from here,” he said.

The President, therefore, called upon the youth to wake up and acquire skills that will create jobs and stop Ugandans from importing things that can easily be made in the country.

President Museveni started his tour at Katabi Artisan SCCO went to Namasuba Furniture Makers’ SACCO, Najjanankumbi Furniture and Metal Works Association, Kibuye Furniture Makers SACCO, Nalukolongo Furniture Makers SACCO and concluded with Busega Agali Awamu Furniture Makers SACCO.

Mr. Museveni donated a FUSO truck to those SACCOs to help them transport their products and Shs. 50 million shillings.

He also called upon the youth to vote for National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders so that their problems are brought to his attention in the Movement Caucus.

“The problem with Kampala residents is voting leaders that do not help you and only mind about enriching themselves. There is no NRM MP in Kampala. All the MPs of Kampala are just focused on fighting NRM instead of creating job opportunities and skilling the youth,” he said.

The National Chairman presented a check of Shs. 50 million to Kibuye Drivers’ and Conductors’ SACCO, Lubiri Lorry Drivers’ and Co-Drivers’ SACCO, Busega United Timber and Sellers SACCO and Busega Welders’ SACCO.

Ndeeba Mechanics’ and Traders’ SACCO, Ndeeba Machinery and Woodworks’ SACCO, Kabuusu Mechanics and Lorry Drivers, UMEA SACCO each received Shs.100 million.

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