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National Chairman Hailed For Fulfilling Pledge on Vehicles to District Kadhis

By Washaki Ahamada

Sheikh Issa Ahmad Masaaba, the Eastern Regional Kadhi has thanked the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), President Yoweri Musevenei and Government for honoring his pledge of vehicles to district Kadhis in the country.

Sheikh Masaaba said this at a thanks giving ceremony organized by NRM Director of Finance and Mobilisation, Alhajji Dr. Hassan Wasswa Galiwango, for his two wives and in-laws he sponsored to perform hijja (pilgrimage) recently at his home in Namatala, Mbale Municipality.

Sheikh Masaaba invited Muslims to join him in thanking government for considering them in sharing the national cake and went ahead to mention the Kadhis of Budaka, Sironko and many others in the region who received cars at a recent function at State House, Entebbe. It’s at this juncture that he called upon the Muslims at the function to recite Takbir “Allah Akbar,Laillah Ilallah Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar Walillah Lihamd”.

Sheikh Masaaba also revealed that in the whole Muslim District in Easter Region, it’s only Moroto which had not yet benefited but was confident Government had plans for the remaining districts to benefit.

Communications Department,
Office of National Chairman NRM,
Kyambogo, Kampala. 

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