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National Chairman Museveni Plans From His Milk and Beef

By Atuhairwe Robert

In his address to the media at State House, Entebbe, over the weekend, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, among other sayings of wisdom, urged parents to plan for their children as he had done for his own. The message went down among those who appreciated it some sections misconstrued it.

Twazagye Edison, wrote on Facebook page Ugandans At Heart (Community) stated: “Just wondering who wrote M7’s speech! ‘Those youth who are jobless it’s because their parents did not prepare for them. I prepared for my children that’s why they are not looking for jobs’. I think people around Mzee has (sic) other intentions. How can a parent, a president think like that??? Just asking”

Nakato Ferouz wrote “Why does this president make fan (sic) and joke about all issues????”

Frank Gashumba, the outspoken general critic also took offence.

What is not clear to the above and others who think like them is that President Museveni is an avid farmer, a vocation that predates his time in office. He runs famous ranches at Rwakitura and Kisozi from which he vends milk, beef and other products, and live animals. Each of the children owns some cows of their own and work other jobs for sustenance while planning for their own children (National Chairman’s grandchildren).

Progressive working Ugandans have shifted focus from looking at their jobs as a source for wealth and moonlighted in side ventures that are more sustainable, earning clean cash that last and lasts. Children (of the future) will ask youths of today where they were when this wisdom was passed on to them to no avail.

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