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NRM National Chairman Museveni asks people of Arua not to use the city for political wrangles

In a special message delivered by the Senior Presidential Advisor and Personal Assistant, Ms. Milly Babirye Babalanda, President Yoweri Museveni has extended special appreciation to the people of West Nile for their contribution to peace in the country.

In his capacity as the NRM National Chairman, Museveni thanked the people of West Nile for chasing away insurgents and stopping ADF from using the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to sow instability.

“Other rebel groups like UNRF joined the NRM Government. West Nile is a bastion of peace. People are productive. Being busy brings peace and prosperity,” Museveni said in his message to coordinators under Office of the National Chairman (ONC) undergoing training and orientation in Arua City.

He also thanked West Nile for supporting the NRM government and urged them not to allow bad hearted people to bring divisive and bloody politics to the region as it was in the area during the by-election to replace the late Col. Ibrahim Abiriga.

“Those are being used by the West to introduce despicable acts of homosexuality and cultural disruption. Also, terrorist groups operating in the Great Lakes Region are using indirect methods through politicians. Don’t fall for their schemes,” Museveni said.

Rather, Museveni said, they should encourage young people to engage in production.

“Let them emulate Gen. Moses Ali who is engaged in large scale commercial farming.  He is old but not poor. Emulate him! You still have land and it is very fertile”.

Museveni congratulated the people upon the elevation of Arua to City status and called upon them to harness the status to as a commercial hub tapping into the Congo and South Sudan markets.

“Arua is not a political city for dividing people and wrangling for power but spurring economic transformation. Avoid political wrangles among yourselves! They are unhelpful and designed to slow our progress”.

Museveni asked the people of West Nile to vote leaders who will connect with NRM and use resources allocated very well to benefit the common West Niler.

“If you vote NRM leaders at all levels, it will be easier to agree on interventions that will rapidly transform your sub-region and implement them,” the head-of-state said.

After the training, Ms. Babalanda commissioned the coordinators to comb all corners of the sub region and mobilise for Museveni’s reelection in next year’s Presidential elections where it is expected he will garner a higher mandate than ever before.

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