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NRM National Chairman Museveni deserves an award from UNAIDS on HIV/AIDS fight

The UNAIDS Executive Director, Ms. Winnie Byanyima, has commended the NRM National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni’s efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Byanyima noted that Museveni launched the fight against the pandemic, while still fighting in the bush.

Ms. Byanyima has since been attacked by a section of dishonest politically-motivated people on social media who found it odd for the wife of opposition leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye, praising Museveni.

She has clarified that she was speaking in her official UNAIDS capacity, and correctly so.

No matter what anyone can say about NRM National Chairman Museveni, his record in the fight against the top killer social disease is unrivalled. Fresh from liberating Uganda in 1986, he found a country besieged by the incurable disease at a time ARVs had not yet been discovered. Many of his colleagues went down the drain by the ailment. He embarked on a struggle of another kind and won.

This time not using a gun, Museveni waged a war that demystified AIDS until infection rates and deaths began to come down for the first time. A bigger generation of Bazzukulu were consequently saved both from the six killer diseases and acquiring AIDS plus becoming child parents.

Museveni deserves an award as a Global Champion In The Fight Against HIV/AIDS from UNAIDS and Ms. Byanyima should make it happen.

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