NRM sweeps Namayingo District Council slots unopposed

The mighty NRM party is continuing its run towards a decisively successful 2021 general election.

In many places, “yellow” candidates are passing unopposed to offer leadership to Ugandans.

In Namayingo district, Ndanyi Carolyn has passed as woman councillor for Buswale Sub County, Ajambo Carolyn for Buyinja Sub County, Akwede Getrude for Female Older Persons; Dadira Wo’ Onyango for Male Older Persons, Bwire BD for Male People With Disabilities (PWDs) and Anyango Lilian for Female PWDs.

Mugeni Mary passed for Female Older Persons at Buswale Sub County while Ouma Silvester Nadongo passed for Male Older Persons at the same Sub County.

Emerging unopposed is a mark of the firm trust of Ugandans in NRM and appreciation of its service under the great leadership of NRM National Chairman, Gen. Y.K. Museveni.

Thanks to the people of Namayingo for recognising the best!

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