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Opposition In Panic Mode As National Chairman Delivers on State Duties

The past few days have not been rosy for the opposition, and that is putting it mildly. FDC is mourning the departure of Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, something that has caused Dr Besigye to retreat into silent mode. At party headquarters, they can’t believe what hit them. The remainder group is torn between “good riddance!” and auditing their ranks to determine how much damage Muntu’s departure has done.

Everyone is looking at another suspiciously, unsure who is next to jump ship. Already, several MPs are on the way out yet this is a party with no standing membership.

DP hyped a re-union in Masaka but it ended up being a shouting and blows theater, with youths going at each other’s neck and drawing some blood. The thing didn’t work!

For Muntu, he did not jump from a trash can into a feather bed but from a frying pan into the fire; he is now trapped in uncertainty as he tries to shape out a political future. While people are discussing his move due to its novelty, his “pariah” status seems to follow him everywhere he goes.

Between him and the “official opposition”, the name of the NRM National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, is more mentioned than ever before. They see him in the shadows, smell him in the wind yet mzee wa kazi is busy with state duties.

The other day he was doing assessment of tourism sites in the West and North; he launched a mega tiles factory employing two thousand Ugandans in Nakaseke; received new envoys eager to work with Uganda all the while co-ordinating national cohesion and security despite attempts to shatter the same by his detractors.

Towards the weekend, under his overall headship as commander-in-chief, security agencies nailed a terror cell said to have been behind some of the recent hit-and-run dramatic murders.

In the meantime, NRM is sure that its contacts in opposition ranks are safe and busy.


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