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Public thrown into laughter as Bobi Wine speaks in tongues

Social media was plunged into rolling laughter after Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), one of the presidential candidates, contradicted himself while giving a live social media broadcast on “various issues”.

The broadcast was largely meaningless, this you can always tell when his supporters are not saying anything about it. Usually they are in overdrive but their candidate’s performance in extended addresses to the public has always been dismal.

In the most recent, he left his supporters totally ashamed when, within a short span of time, he said President Yoweri Museveni “must go” but soon after said he would appoint him as his advisor. How do you appoint someone you deem unfit to lead to be your adviser? Not sensible at all.

This kind of talk makes Kyagulanyi a laughing stock and puts his acting career in politics more at risk.

Such bubble gum talk results from panic and total lack of grasp of the intricacies of public administration and leadership. It is a hard subject that only level-headed visionaries understand.

The live “tongue twisting” broadcast was hastily put together believing that President Museveni was to have his own broadcast at the same time and was meant to distract the public only to misfire badly.

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