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Senseless Killing of Arua Municipality MP Hon Ibrahim Abiriga, Said the NRM National Chairman

The NRM National Chairman Yoweri Museveni received news about the senseless killing of Arua Municipality MP, Hon Ibrahim Abiriga, and his bodyguard on the outskirts of Kampala this evening.

Col Abiriga was a dedicated supporter and a patriotic Ugandan who worked for peace in West Nile. We stand with his family. I call upon Ugandans to be vigilant.

Vigilance will lead to the capture of these criminals as it happened in Masaka. These criminals were moving on a numberless pikipikis and their heads were covered with helmets even when they were standing in one place.

These were signs that should have led to suspicion. Had the locals rang the police, this crime could have been prevented. Therefore, please, report everything that is suspicious and do so promptly.

Once the surveillance equipment is installed, which will be done in a few months, the work of identifying criminals will be prompt. Even today, while still using our old methods, provided there is alertness, the criminals will be defeated.

May Col Abiriga’s soul and that of his bodyguard rest in eternal peace.

The NRM National Chairman Yoweri Museveni

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