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State dinner for heads of delegations attending the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 2019 at State House

President Museveni : I hosted a state dinner in honor of heads of delegations attending the Commonwealth parliamentary conference, 2019 at State House Entebbe. I persuaded the delegates to stay and explore the irresistible beauty of Uganda.

Uganda is the most beautiful spot in the world and that is a fact. It so happens that we are right on the equator. Some of you have visited the equator towards Masaka, now that’s the equator on the land but here in the lake (Victoria) the equator passes 200m from the southern end of the Entebbe runaway.

Because of that fact, we get the sun all year-round, yet it is not very hot because we have a high elevation. The room where we were seated for the dinner is 1200m above sea level, while some parts of Uganda go up to 5000m above sea level. There are only two other places with such beauty. One is Nanyuki in Kenya and the other is a place I have never been- Ecuador. Otherwise, for most of the globe, the equator is either in the ocean or the low lying territory land. We are very lucky here. We have two rainy seasons in a year hence two harvests in a year just with the rain even before you add irrigation.

In Uganda, we enjoy natural fresh air, no need to warm it or cool. We are in the center of Africa. From here to Alexandria in Egypt is 5 and a half hours and to Cape Town in South Africa is 5 and a half hours by plane. It is equidistant. That is why some rivers start from here.

All delegates, therefore, are welcome to stay and enjoy the superabundant natural attractions of Uganda, the warm-hearted hospitality of our people, and the beauty of our cultures.

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