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The Limit of Opposition Propaganda that was circulating today on Social Media in Uganda

By: Eseru Paul

“If Knowledge is wealth, then Ignorance is a weakness”.

The media is often considered as essential tool in the functioning of democracies and setting of agenda through the provision of information to the public domain. In the same vein, here in Uganda, there is often a temptation for our opposition pundits to use such media platforms to promote derogatory political agendas and consequently shaping the public perceptions as well as opinions.

This propaganda beside discrediting the NRM government in power, is often used to dulcify gullible members of society through appeasement as well as pacification of members with small, meaningless concessions.

A typical case scenario is the picture below doings rounds on all social media platforms. In the photo, a man is pictured standing beside a powerful Nissan Patrol SUV seemingly stuck in a typical Muddy road which the opposition have since then put in Circulation claiming to be from Ugandan a Ugandan Road in a bid to quash down the NRM’s infrastructural achievements to date.

As always, we launched a dignified investigation to faithfully establish the Global Positioning System’s Location of the said road using both scientific and social methodology as follows;

We first took a digital soil sample from the aforementioned road and subjected it to digital lab analysis. The results reveal that it’s this type of Volcanic soils commonly referred to as Red Earth soils commonly found in highland areas previously been affected by volcanic activities. This type of soils is mainly found in Kenya and not in Uganda.

Those soils try to mimic the Ugandan Lixic Ferralsol type of soils only during dry seasons and not rainy season. Further interrogation of our research finding eventually concluded that The said road is found in Kenya specifically in Tharaka Nithi County and it connects Marima and Kathwani Villages.

Our credible information is also backed by a leaked twitter Conversation between Dancan Makori and Mazroute both Kenyan Nationals. Mazroute (@ma3Route) posted that said photo on his twitter account with the Kiswahili wording as.. Hiko ni wapi and Dancan Makori (@EngnrDan) gave similar answer that is in tandem with our investigative results.

For now, until our impeccable investigative stance against the authenticity of the above photo is rebutted with verifiable additional testimony, we summarily dismiss the whole opposition allegations contained therein and conclude it as hand maiden craftiness of punditry and propagandism of the usual hawkers of doom that have run out of developmental ideas thus resorting to cheap propagate.

The NRM government since 1986 when it seized power, has been fully committed to infrastructural development across the country through prioritizations.

It should also be remembered that Uganda had a total road network of 7900kms in 1986 and out of that, only less than 1500km had tarmac representing 18% of the total road network, while the rest of the roads were in a very bad state. The situation today has handsomely changed. We now have over 5,000Km of our roads under tarmac representing more than 65% of the total road networks as per 1986 index.

In conclusion, opposition should redirect their efforts towards the designing pro-people development programs rather than specializing in only propaganda.

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