The next step for NRM after winning S.I.G elections and reconstituting C.E.C

By Milly B Babalanda

A fortnight ago, I wrote and made a rallying call to the NRM fraternity to prepare for and win the elections for Special Interest Groups (S.I.Gs) countrywide The elections sought to fill committees of older persons, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Youth Councils and Committees at the village or cell level. Eventually, the elections took place and NRM candidates emerged the clear favourites across Uganda in the most extremely free and fair exercise in recent times.

Having been conducted by the queuing method where by voters (members of the respective electoral colleges) lined up behind candidates’ portraits or candidates’ symbols or candidates’ agents or the individual candidates of their choice, there was no room for foul play as sometimes arises under secret balloting.
As a result, despite attempts by the other side to manipulate the exercise and make voting impossible by stirring tension and violence, Ugandans turned up in good numbers and made their choice clear-NRM is still their preferred side in political leadership including among young people who have been a target of mass deception and manipulation by our competitors, but who have remained steadfast due to conditions of gaining early maturity in the care of NRM.

Thank you, Bazzukulu of Mzee, and congratulations to the winners!!
Prior to these elections, NRM already commanded the highest count of grassroots elected leaders, right from the village to the national level. Now with S.I.G elections done and NRM taking home 79% among the youths, 85% among PWDS and 87% among the elderly, the party’s ark is well on its way to the dry shore at the general elections.

To put the might of NRM in perspective consequent to the result at the S.I.G elections, feel for the pulse of our opponents and what they are saying about the whole thing; they are cold, admitting to their unpreparedness and interestingly, have no ground to claim unfair play since the voting was in the open.

Even then, NRM has no problem when the opposition wins something for itself as indeed they did in some very few outposts, and we congratulate them. Uganda is politically diverse, thanks to NRM’s guaranteed policy of “every goat on its tether”. It is the right of every Ugandan to listen to all contenders at every level and choose who accord the mandate of leadership without any coercion or undue pressure. Every Uganda is free to vote as per their conscience. Attempts by our opponents to intimidate free Ugandans from exercising their Constitutional rights and to fail voting in some places are not only acts of cowardice but an invitation for stern action by the organs responsible for safeguarding the integrity of Uganda’s democracy.
We cannot go back and forth on our path in the civilised world of democratic practice.

I urge young people to continue staying away from wrong elements and stay away from high tension situations. In case of doubt, appeal to NRM which will safeguard your right to vote and be voted.
As we head into the next phase of elections at parish and higher level, let us apply the zeal that has seen NRM emerge stronger.

Recently, there were opinion polls which, despite correctly showing that NRM and President Museveni still had majority popular support, put figures below what it would take to win a Presidential election outright. The results of the S.I.G elections offer a clearer picture of NRM’s true strength since the outcome captures the very heart of Ugandans in convincing numbers. Either way, NRM has a tendency and destiny to win.

On another front, last week the National Executive Committee (N.E.C) of NRM sat “scientifically” basing in the various districts and endorsed President Museveni’s candidature for re-election next year. I thank N.E.C for a job well done. The delegates also voted a fresh set-up for the Central Executive Committee (C.E.C), the apex policy making organ of the party, with President Museveni receiving undivided support to remain as the party’s National Chairman. With other slots on the body filled, C.E.C is fully constituted to provide necessary guidance for the conduct of business geared at making the best of the remaining phases in the electoral cycle.
I congratulate all the winners and wish them clearer insight while serving the party.

The future is still bright for those who didn’t make it. They have shown commitment to provide leadership to NRM as a progressive party capable of leading Uganda for more than 50 years into the future. Where there may have been imperfections, we must understand that every election is a learning process. There are no losers in this as we advance together. We should all stand behind the winners who should in turn reach out to everyone and work together.

Now that we are through with that round of elections, we must not relent. We still have an extended period of campaigns and voting up until February 2021 and beyond. Keep following the party and national electoral roadmaps so as not to miss out on any programme! As NRM, let us stay close together to protect and affirm the registered and anticipated victories and continue mobilising new recruits to join us on the winning side.

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