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The NRM National Chairman Museveni has directed all those who have invaded wetlands to vacate them

In Pallisa District, I toured the Limoto Wetland Wise Use Demonstration Site. This project in Puti Puti Sub-County is a previously degraded wetland which has been restored and the community around it sensitized on wetland management.

The project undertaken by the Ministry of Environment with support of the UNDP has seen over 70 hectares of previously degraded wetlands restored, five fishponds excavated to support the communities, a big water reservoir constructed and a mini solar-powered irrigation system installed.

This project follows my concern on the continued degradation of wetlands across the country and it is aimed at showing that restoration and conservation of wetlands is possible. It is also possible for communities to sustainably use wetlands (like excavating fish ponds on the edges) without necessarily destroying them.

The general public needs to know that God created these natural features like swamps for a reason. They are water catchment areas and help in forming rain among other uses, calling for the need to protect and conserve them.

The formula employed in Limoto is what we shall replicate in other parts of the country to ensure that all degraded wetlands are reclaimed. I am directing that all those who had invaded wetlands vacate them. We shall help the communities living near wetlands to engage in enterprises that do not destroy them.

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