The truth about NRM National Chairman Museveni’s academic documents

A politically-motivated lawyer, Muwada Nkunyingi, has written to the Electoral Commission (E.C) demanding to see the academic documents used by the NRM National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, for nomination as Presidential candidate previously.

Nkunyingi’s action is in reaction to a demand by lawyer Male Mabirizi for the academic records of 2021 presidential aspirant and MP Kyaddondo East, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

In characteristic lame opposition style, Nkunyingi’s action is intended to cover up and divert attention from the original concern in regard to Kyagulanyi’s credentials with conflicting dates of birth and other inconsistencies, the details of which have shocked sections of the public and have cast more doubt on his suitability for leadership.

Similar questions have been on the lips of the public ever since Kyagulanyi failed to articulate simple matters of policy, hence resorting to physical violence, threats and foul language.

On the other hand, NRM National Chairman Museveni’s academic papers are a public record which can be accessed by anyone. There is nothing to hide since he has used them consistently ever since he began his journey in public service and national leadership. Anyone can go to any school or Government agency and the records with correspond.

His private political office (Office of the National Chairman) at Kyambogo can also provide certified copies to whoever needs them.

Kyagulanyi and his friends should learn to be tolerant, accountable and dance to the music of public scrutiny which every leader has to put up with. National leadership is not like the ghetto where crafty dealings are a way of life.

Being asked to set the record straight as requested by lawyer Male Mabirizi should not attract angry reactions but should instead be taken as an opportunity to let the inquisite public know him better. Stop the threats on Mabirizi and respond to the issues he raises maturely!

If Kyagulanyi fails to answer to these queries, he should apologise to Ugandans and retreat from public life in shame.

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