Very fake news regarding ONC-Kyambogo

Some unscrupulous fellows are circulating false information to the effect

NRM supporters stormed the Office of the party’s National Chairman at Kyambogo demanding for “their assured political logistics.” The claim is that the “NRM supporters” were protesting over the embezzlement of their facilitations.

The story goes on to give outrageous details that do not deserve a response.

The fact of the matter is that there was nothing like a protest or raid at the National Chairman’s office in Kyambogo of any kind over any issue. Those alleging so should provide photographic evidence or details of who was involved and which facilitation they were protesting about.

This is the work of detractors envious of ONC’s distinguished service but they will not succeed. They will not divert us from executing our mission in the interest of securing victory for the NRM Presidential Flag bearer/Head-Of-State, Gen. YKT Museveni.

The public is called upon to ignore the false reports totally. Those behind the smear campaign will soon be cornered and arraigned for due action. Already there are vital leads we are pursuing.

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